Enjoy the Convenience of Central Vacuum Systems

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You don't have to drag around a heavy portable vacuum to enjoy a clean house. Central vacuum systems use a simple, lightweight hose to connect straight to your wall whenever you need to clean. Your system can also extract dust and dirt directly to an exhaust system, keeping it out of your home for cleaner air.

Action Vacuum installs central vacuum systems in the Jupiter, FL area. You can stop by our showroom to browse all major brands and find a model that will fit your house. Our knowledgeable technician can listen to your needs and recommend an option that will make cleaning as easy as possible.

If you ever encounter a problem with your system, we can fix it. Call us at 561-744-6166 for more information about central vacuum systems.

Get rid of dust, dirt and allergens

If you find yourself coughing and sneezing inside your home, it might be because your indoor air is contaminated. With a portable air purifier, you can remove all kinds of contaminants from your air. An air purifier can...

  • Reduce allergy symptoms by eliminating dust and pollen
  • Help keep your house clean by removing dust from the air
  • Eliminate foul and unusual odors

We can help you choose a portable air purifier from Oreck that will work for your home. Visit our store in Jupiter, Florida to speak with a skilled technician.

Get Vacuum Repairs When You Need Them

We can diagnose and fix all major brands