Make Cleaning Your House Easier

Schedule a central vacuum installation in Jupiter, FL

Tired of dealing with dragging messy cables all over your house? With a central vacuum installation, you won't have to worry about dragging cables with you everywhere you want to clean.

Action Vacuum installs central vacuum systems for homes in the Jupiter, FL area. Whether you're working on a new construction project or updating your current home, we'll design and build a system that will make it easy to vacuum your house. We also provide central vacuum replacement parts, so you can keep your system in tiptop shape for years.

Get rid of your portable vacuum cleaner by contacting us today.

The benefits of a central vacuum

You might think that a vacuum is a vacuum. But there are many advantages to having a central vacuum installation instead of a portable unit. You'll appreciate how...

  • Central vacuum systems aren't as noisy as portable vacuums
  • Central vacuums are lighter and easier to use since you don't have to carry around an entire unit
  • You'll save money in the long run by not replacing portable vacuums when they break down
  • Your air will be cleaner since your vacuum will extract dust and dirt from your house, rather than circulating it back into your air

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