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Action Vacuum carry so many different parts, it''s near impossible to list every single item we carry. If you can''t find the part you''re looking for, odds are that we do carry it. Please call us with the part number, and we''d be delighted to look up the price. If you don''t know the part number, please call, or email us with the model number, and we can send you a blown up schematic of all the parts on your vacuum, allowing to you to easily find any part number.

A quality vacuum cleaner can withstand years of being lugged up and down stairs, shoved in closets and dragged around the house. They are built to hold up to the everyday wear and tear associated with general house cleaning. Nevertheless, in order to keep your vacuum cleaner in tip-top shape, it is generally recommended that you take your machine into a certified dealer once a year for annual maintenance. If you are looking out for parts diagrams for Vacuums, please find the link below for your reference, which will assist you with understanding the parts.